Audit and Consulting

‘’To analyse the energy flow into the buildings, and understand its dynamics. We look for opportunities to reduce the amount of energy input into the building without negatively affecting the output(s). Beyond simply identifying the sources of energy use, we seeks to prioritize the energy uses according to the greatest to least cost effective opportunities for energy savings’’.

Energy Problem

Energy Scarcity And Soaring Costs

– Indians face amongst the highest prices in the world for Electricity in comparison to income

Energy prices have risen over 93%* 2011-18, is expected to continue

– Huge Power deficits in most states in India

– Lights, Fans & HVAC accounts for up to 90% of a building’s energy use

– Huge scope for energy savings and therefore cost savings

– * Source: Analysis Of Power Tariffs Across India (Feb 2018) – PHD Chamber of Commerce And Industry (India)

It has become impossible to Ignore Energy Control and Conservation

Energy Audit

The Condition Survey – (Preliminary Audit) The Comprehensive Audit – (Energy Audit)
Priority Score Card
Energy Management Opportunities (EMOs)
Profile Energy Use Patterns
Saving Opportunities in Demand Profile
Analyse Energy Consumption Actions at the Point of End Use to Save More
Assessment of Costs and Benefits
Economic Analysis
Payback & Return on Investment (ROI)
Audit Recommendations
‘’Optimize Usage & Minimize Wastage’’
Report for Action
Energy Monitoring & Target Setting